Dongguan Zhaoguang Electronic Material Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in manufacturing, R & D and sales, specializing in sputtering targets and vacuum coating materials. It was established in 2000. Automotive glass, low-emission architectural glass, heat-reflective automotive glass, brand jewelry and tooling, magneto-optical disk data storage...


  • Talking about the application fields of targets


    As we all know, the technology development trend of target materials is closely related to the development trend of thin film technology in downstream application industries. With the technical improvement of thin film products or components in application industries, target technology should also c…

  • Target performance requirements and preparation process


    With the rapid development of the electronic information industry, the scientific application of thin films is becoming increasingly widespread. Sputtering is one of the main techniques for preparing thin film materials, and the source material for sputtering deposited films is the target. The thin …

  • The main performance requirements of the target


    The main performance requirements of the target purity Purity is one of the main performance indicators of the target, because the purity of the target has a great impact on the performance of the film. However, in practical applications, the requirements for the purity of the target are not the sam…

  • Development Opportunity Analysis and Enterprise Structure of Domestic Target Industry


    This article focuses on the analysis of the target industry chain and enterprise structure, and believes that the following factors are favorable for the development of domestic target companies: 1. The downstream semiconductor and panel industry's production capacity is transferred domestically; 2.…

  • Classification of sputtering targets


    Classification of sputtering targets

  • Explanation of basic knowledge of ITO target


    ITO material is an n-type semiconductor material, which includes ITO powder, target, conductive paste, and ITO transparent conductive film.